B² Online

By Isotonix, 2002

If you have browsed any adult Japanese site with browser games in the past two decades, you have probably encountered a B² Online title. Developed by Isotonix, B² Online allowed webmasters and artists to quickly make strip breakout games from only a few image files. Every title uses one of a handful of official swf's, while the custom files are the images and the config files. Config files would be stored as .txt's and allowed for a high amount of customization. Number of stages, color of the ball, if and what power-ups would show up, and even the option to play music were all editable by creators. Most games would end with you being taken to a win page, where all the photos used would be displayed at once (and sometimes even some bonus images!) Hundreds, if not thousands of these titles were made. Given the fact they require multiple assets, coverage on sites like the Wayback Machine can be spotty at best. If you happen to come across one of the titles on the live web, take a moment and make sure it is all backed up on Wayback.

This particular title is a Sailor Venus game from Yamada, that has been slightly edited to accommodate this site and to enable power-ups. Upon completion of this game, you are taken to the win page on the original domain.